Monday, 27 October 2008


Welcome to the new blog of Snapping Rosie. I am Rosie Wibberley, a keen photographer residing on the Isle of Wight. I am currently studying for a BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design, but my main interest is photography. My interest developed throughout my A-Level Photography course and I now maintain this as a hobby and business. I love the way you can capture memories as eternal images.
My other hobbies include canoeing, taking walks along the beautiful local beaches, reading, beading and other crafts, volunteer work and paragliding. As a family we moved to the Isle of Wight in 1997 and I am still enjoying all the island has to offer.
Throughout my blog I will be talking about various photographs that I have taken over the past years, I would like to welcome you into my artistic world and enjoy the images I can show you. There will be competitions and fun along the way with regular updates on my daily life as well as new collections available to buy.
I do have a website that will showcase the photographs available for purchase, the site will have full instructions on how to buy any photograph. Please take a look at
There are many other ways in which you can view my work at the sites listed below, if you are a member of these sites, feel free to add me as a friend:
Please check back to my blog as it will be updated weekly with a new article as well as some more informal chats in between. I look forward to your return.