Monday, 10 November 2008

Remember, remember...

The spectacular finale of the weekly summer firework display gave me many photo opportunities. This local event takes place at The Needles Pleasure Park, Alum Bay, Isle of Wight where many more photo opportunities can be found. By day this busy tourist attraction offers tearooms, arcades, gift shops, a chair lift, views of the famous Needles and not forgetting, the coloured sands.
The colours in these well known sands can be seen in this photograph taken at the last of the firework displays this year. The deep orange is the most dominant, whilst the red leads the eye down the photo allowing you to take in the impressive image.
The evenly balanced composition adds an elegance to the dramatic nature of the subject. I cropped this image to complement the natural shape of the firework, which was a good choice now that I can see the final outcome.
After many failed attempts I managed to capture three fireworks all mid-explosion in the same shot.
Due to the spontaneity of fireworks I am very pleased with this photograph, it is one of my favourites from the series.